Brandy Day3: My Bestfriend Lillian

Brandy Day3: My Bestfriend Lillian

I wasn’t ready to be a dog owner when I acquired her. I wasn’t ready for the responsibility. In fact I wasn’t much of a fan of this misbehaved, untrained, hyper puppy at all. 6.5/7 years later, she is my everything. My best friend. Not one day has gone by that I regret having her. Not one bad day has passed where she couldn’t make me smile. Not one tear has fallen where she wasn’t at my feet or in my lap begging to make it better. She loves me more than I could ever love her and that is something everyone should feel at least once in life. Shot on the snowy train tracks of Lapel IN laughing in the freezing cold watching her play, realizing the simplicity of laughter, I love you Lilly! ❤

One thought on “Brandy Day3: My Bestfriend Lillian

  1. Wow, I am impressed with the wisdom of my kids in this joint venture they are doing . I will look forward to their amazing photos and their talented writings – Love you guys more than you know!!!!

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