Brandy Day9: Kelly

Brandy Day9: Kelly

Woke up in a bad mood really for no reason other than not feeling well. Had to make my way downtown which isn’t easy for me if it’s 85 and sunny out, so I was already unhappy about it knowing the roads still weren’t the best and I had limited time. Finally I made my way down there, found where I needed to be be, a parking stop and stepping through inches of dirty slush, I was more annoyed. I saw a man checking the parking meters for change. With his back to me, I asked if he needed some change. He turned around with bags in had, dirty clothes and a worn face. I handed him the remaining $.40 in change I had and the $5 bill I had shoved in my pocket earlier. He said ‘Thank you so much!’ I replied “No worries man have a good day!’ His response, ‘I always try.’ I asked his name as he tried to figure where to put the now crumbled $5…. ‘Kelly’. Nothing to claim as his own other than what he currently held. When was his last warm shower? His last hot meal? What happened that he ended up here? Was it his choice or did it just happen that way? I didn’t ask. Kelly hadn’t asked me for anything. Unknowingly he gave me way more than $5.40. I felt selfish for having a ‘bad day’ waking up in a warm bed, having coffee while getting ready for the day after my hot shower, getting in my vehicle with heated seats going to work, a family or friends to call and complain to. Who did he have? Anyone? What a horrible, painful feeling. Waking up every morning and not having anyone. Perspective, sometimes a better point of view. Thank you Kelly! (Yes Kelly knows I have used his photo. After entering the building I was headed to with him and his words heavy on my mind I rushed back out to catch up with him, explained I was a photographer and updated a blog daily with a photo and description and asked if I could kindly share him, however he isn’t aware of his impact.)

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