Brandy Day10: Fog Delay

Brandy Day10: Fog Delay

Fog delay: Yesterday’s post. Shot this at 3am on my way home from work (I’m a bartender) I’m sure many people interacted with last night are feeling a little foggy.
I’ve always loved the fog. It gives a sense of peace or ease with little mystery hiding being the thick unseen air. its pretty. One of my most memorable moments shooting (keep in mind I’ve traveled across this country shooting) Was with KC when we shot together for the first time. In a cemetery. Finding someone to shoot photos with you in the fog. In a cemetery. Out in pure country. At 1am, well that was pretty cool. I learned so much from him. I wanted to learn more. I had no idea where that night was going to lead. What roads I was about to go down. Life is alot like a foggy night. Sometimes it gets unclear, you have no idea on the other side , fear grabs your soul. You have to keep going. You’ll make it through. It may take time but eventually it’ll clear up.

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