Brandy Day11: Who

Brandy Day11: Who

Ever get going thinking your going to be something? Set goals for said destination. Have others on board. Only to realize that maybe, just maybe that’s NOT who you are.
Ever wake up and just wish you could be someone else, somewhere else for the day, week.
I sometimes think that we are too hard on ourselves. That’s change is OK. Change is good. Fear is good. Uncertainty is normal. WE ALL have a story. That’s what makes us. Created us into who we are. Ever changing. The more we tell our story the more we learn form ourself. We may over analyze a situation, a moment, a loss. Then we share that experience and realize or learn something that we hadn’t seen in the cloud of the moment.
We never know how our story will affect someone else. An experience that you’ve been through may help someone unknowingly. Share your story of who YOU ARE. You may learn something about yourself you didn’t know. Shot on US 31 IN. I am.

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