Brandy Day17: Mirror

Brandy Day17: Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror? I would focus on every imperfection I could find. The little things. Break outs on my face, slight stretch marks on my hips, little pudge in my stomach from previous surgeries, scars. 11 scars. I wasn’t looking at the big picture. The healthy me that at one point had weighed 87lbs. The 10 surgeries that I endured to kill a disease that was growing on the  inside. Weighing down my organs. The pain it caused on some days was more than I could live with. The tattoos that remind me of the pain I’ve taken on. And me. Beautiful me. How on earth have I played this hand I was dealt 31 years ago. Every struggle is a new card. A weight I will carry. A weight that makes me stronger. Braver.

Written on my bathroom mirror for me to read every day.  Every time I see my reflection.

3 thoughts on “Brandy Day17: Mirror

  1. Yes you are strong yes you are beautiful yes you are amazing and capable of infinite things! Surround yourself with the best thoughts you can muster every day because I really believe that we are what we say we are! You are amazing!

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