Brandy Day 19: Night Time

Brandy Day 19: Night Time

Shooting at night awakens something in me that makes me feel more alive. Maybe it’s that everything around is asleep. Quiet. You don’t have the hustle and bustle of daily life. Maybe it’s the subtle brightness that the moon is reluctant to share. How the stars dance above contending to be the brightest. The first for your eye to see shining. You can hear everything at night if you are willing. Your thoughts against the wind. Your heart beating, proving that you are indeed still alive. Everything is alive. After the day I had at work I couldn’t wait to leave. I get outside and literally gasped at the sight of the moon. Hanging so low, dancing between clouds. It didn’t look real. I couldn’t drive fast enough to the nearest empty country road. I needed out. It was there, that I finally felt peace. Acceptance. It was beautiful.
Shot on my favorite train tracks, where a creek quietly holds the secrets of pain out in Lapel IN

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