Brandy Day21: Less Traveled

Brandy Day21: Less Traveled

A joke between a friend of mine and I, if we are taking the long way or not wherever we may be headed at the time of our conversation. This road isn’t nesecarily the long way but also less traveled. Beautiful road any time of year. No traffic. Winding creekside and countryside.
In life some of us will take the long way. The scenic way. The easy way. Some will take the high road. Others will take the quickest road. We may take the back road. Dirt road. Whatever roads we cover and or pave, just remember, make sure your best friend is riding shotgun to change a flat or in case you run out of gas.
Shot on a back, country, scenic road while taking the long way.

One thought on “Brandy Day21: Less Traveled

  1. Reblogged this on Leader Expert's Blog and commented:
    This is a great metaphor about our travels in this life.

    Everyone of us chooses a path to take. Hopefully, you do take the High Road(TM) even though it can be arduous.

    The path less traveled is often the better road..

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