Brandy Day22: Nothing Else Matters

Brandy Day22: Nothing Else Matters

It started out on a Friday, with talk of an ‘industrial sunset’ photo. What was to come, would forever change my life. I spoke of him in an earlier post, KC. He is an amazing photographer and friend. He came in one evening while I was bar-tending and overheard him describing this ‘industrial shot’. Caught my attention immediately. We chatted and exchanged information before he left. I found him on Facebook and noticed that we had a similar eye while shooting. He and his friend came in a few more times before they asked me to be part of a project they were working on. I happily accepted. It was that night that we shot together for the first time in the cemetery. From there we finished the short film they had asked me to be a part of, (he is headed to Oklahoma tomorrow where it has been nominated for 3 awards in The Trail Dance Film Festival) and we would shoot together any chance we had. I was thirsting to learn from someone so talented, with passion, and drive like me. One night after shooting we came up with an idea that would change my life forever, travel cross country taking photos. No agenda. Nothing planned other than where we would start and our destination on the other side. I packed two suitcases, left my 60+ hrs a week job, and drove.
I’ve learned to let go. To trust. It’s OK to be terrified. Letting go is easier when you have someone by your side. When jumping, landing is softer when someone is there to catch you. Believing YOU can is greater than wishing you had. You’ll never have it all. Ever. But the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Fighting your way through. Taking what you’ve learned, what you’ve gained is FAR better than having it all. Not one single person has all the answers but listening to those you’ve met along the road of life, will place you where you need to be, when you need to be in that moment.
I was a planner. Not anymore. Plans change, things happen, life redirects. I will forever be thankful for KC. For having him in my life, as a best friend, someone to share the beautiful, hidden, overlooked, parts of life. There is something to be said to have someone by your side, not have to say a word, and just know.
Shot after shooting today, driving down Binford. (His shot, on a timer)

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