Brandy Day25: Shooting Star

Brandy Day25: Shooting Star

Coming off a couple days of being sick and fighting off the flu, things were seeming rough. I was on my way home from work, late, like usual. It was freezing but the skies were clear. I had to take this time to shoot, not knowing when the skies would clear again or how I’d be feeling, so I headed to the country, my favorite place. I shot what I could until I couldn’t feel my numb fingers to adjust the focus. My heart used to be that numb. I couldn’t feel. I didn’t care to feel. Life was better without emotion. I thought. It is the broke, the shattered inside of us, that makes us perfect. Perfect like the night sky, light by all those we’ve lost.
Shot in the country of Lawrence IN where the creek swallows the tears we shed for those we love.
#JordanKeith #MaryEllen #JamieLynn #JustinCharles #TimothyNeal #JesAllen #JasonCarl

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