Brandy Day26: Vortex

Brandy Day26: Vortex

Finally a warm evening! I was out! Going to shoot until I fell asleep or I was board, neither were coming anytime soon! I hit up an abandoned house for a few cool night shots with a rad cloud line in the back. Continued cruising, windows cracked, radio up and camera by my side. I was eyeing the power line towers, so I drove to find the right angle, no lights. No sooner than I get out and snap this photo the wind starts blowing. Bad. Crazy. I thought I was sitting in the middle of a tornado. Insane. I sat there for a moment waiting for the wind to die down. It never did. It only intensified as the clouds rushed by, the snow blew and the skies darkened. It was pretty amazing to see something so ominous yet natural take place around, yet within.
Shot in a country field in Lapel IN on this summer night in January

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