Brandy Day27: My World

Brandy Day27: My World

So often we get caught living in our own world. Daily life. Routine. Time gets away. We misplace time. Time that we will never find again. Tonight I was able to share my world with a good friend. She’s going through a lot. Looking for an escape, a place to find ease and happiness. Photography is my happiness. My world. I find such…peace in a photo. Abstract, tried perfection. Coldest day of the year. In fact coldest day in 32 years and I still found myself out. Shooting. Happy. She happily tagged along chanting ‘Adventure’. Not that I am going to solve all problems in life by driving around and taking photos, but it does do wonders for clearing the head to allow straight thinking, not to mention some of the cool things you see along the way. Hopefully, allowing her into my world, she sees an alternate way of sifting through the cards that life has dealt her.
Shot while at work (couldn’t just stand inside and watch this go down) Castleton IN. Freezing.

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