Brandy Day29: On Top Tree Top

Brandy Day29: On Top Tree Top

At some point we’ve all had the feeling of being on top of the world. Things are going great. Your way. Falling into place. A complete rush of accomplishment. Nothing is going to bring you down.
My guess would be that if you’ve had the above feeling, that at some point you’ve fallen. You’ve slid down the success tree and hit rock bottom. You think things possibly couldn’t get worse. There is no end in sight. How will you ever climb that tree again?!
With help. Ask. Someone will be willing to give you a hand. That extra step to help get your footing. Before you know it, your climbing again to the top.
Life seems to be a revolving door of climbing and falling. (some more extreme than others) Perhaps to help keep us balanced. Humble.
Shot on a brisk January day at sunset on Morse Reservoir (Photo Cred: T. Cannaday, me in the tree)

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