Chandler Day 58: Essays & Photos

DSC01752-4Tonight was spent in the library. Hannah had a psychology paper on hoarding and OCD to write. Luckily I didn’t have any homework so I got to play around with my camera and help her with her homework. ¬†After a while the paper became stressful and she took a break. I ended up getting a few funny shots and this was the one she allowed me to put up. She got all the research done for the paper and though I like to think I helped, I honestly just played with my camera and was most likely a major distraction the whole time.

Brandy Day58: Cold Comfort


When in pain or fear. Discomfort or stress. I run to what makes sense. What comforts me or eases me. Photography. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, rain, snow, night or day I need to shoot. Its my escape. I find this place to be beautifully comforting. I accidentally found it last October while headed to pick up  flash (randomly enough). I find myself out here often, though it’s some distance from my house. A scenic pond surrounded by trees and thoughts.
Shot on a blue sky, sharp sun, white clouds kind of day in Anderson IN

Brandy Day57: No Sense In Being Crabby


Ahh yes! A lovely evening out with a couple girlfriends, great food, funny stories, lots of laughter & hidden memories in a pocket of a leather jacket. A much needed night out! Thank you for being such great friends when needed the most ladies :-)!
Shot over the mounding pike of crab legs at Ocean Prime in the early evening hours

Brandy Day56: Ill-Eagle Hunting


Today, like many others, I got in my truck and started driving. No destination. While out in the country, where I always seem to end up I spotted a white head in a tree line that ran along a creek bed. I thought “No freakin way!!” I turned down the road and as I approached I realized what was looking down on me, into my eyes. Such a beautiful creature. Docile yet intimidating. Perched so high and proud. He just say there and allowed me to photograph him.
Shot in awe on that random country road.

Brandy Day55: Your Story


I’ve never been one to open up, share my story or chat loosely about personal affairs. Things are a bit different when you meet someone that can see through you, see your fears & occupy your thoughts for the better. Someone that’s been there that can relate with life situations makes them seem a bit easier to deal with. They made it through surely you can. Our parents teach us to share as we grow. Not just our toys or snacks. Share your story. Share your experiences, thoughts, secrets. Life’s tricky. Dont go at it alone, in the dark.
Shot this afternoon while sharing
brunch, tea & life stories.

Chandler Day 57: Relax

DSC01729Finally time to relax. After a long, stressful day full of tests, essays, and worries about classes, work, money and the future, I get to settle down and relax with a good book, a cup of tea in my favorite mug and a today’s post to write. I don’t handle stress well and when things to start to build up, even a little bit, I tend to let things get out of control. One or two stressful things turns into me worrying about countless things, doubting my decisions, having anxiety attacks, and me basically reevaluating my life. It’s ridiculous, I know. But after talking to my parents, getting some good news, and finishing my homework, I settled down. And now I get to relax. And I need to learn to control my stress, which is much easier said than done.

Chandler Day 56: The Dog Walk

DSC01723-2This is the Dog Walk at Marian University. It is one of the supposedly haunted places on campus. Apparently a man walking a dog can sometimes be seen on the dog walk. It can be a really creepy looking place at night, and I can see why it’s thought to be haunted. There are plenty of other places on campus that are haunted. I’ve walked past this place countless times and tonight while walking back to my room I finally stopped to get a shot. This place has a lot of potential for better shots and I plan on working with it more.

Brandy Day54: The Past


I love old signs, houses, buildings & life. It reminds me of how we got to where we are. Reminds me of where we’ve been. I see history, life, worn,  when I things from the past. A brief visit with such are beautiful, however there is a reason the past is just that, gone but not forgotten.
Can’t say I love my entire past, however without it,  I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t be strong.
Shot north of Lebanon with KC

Brandy Day53: KC Goshert

Happy 30th to KC Goshert my best friend, inspiration & partner. Partner in shooting photography, inspiration in photos and life and the greatest of friends. I’ve told you how we met. A friendship framed. KC is such an amazing photographer … Continue reading