Brandy Day30: The Chase

Brandy Day30: The Chase

What’s better than some friends who want to be your driver and share your passion with you and you’re the only one carrying a camera.
A day that starts with Pot Belly Sandwiches is bound to end good. The night started at Waffle House with Tara, Nick , Joshua & I. We ventured to my two favorite spots in Anderson IN.(yes beauty resides there) During the summer I had found a beautiful secluded pond area, that turns out is pretty cool late at night to shoot stars, and also swallows unwanted cell phones *cough Joshua* Just up from the pond is a very active train crossing with two tracks, We decided to follow that seeing where it led and if there was any other cool spots to shoot. (Mind you they are just along for the ride 🙂 ) It turned into a simple night with lots of laughter, good times & memories, 2 run ins with police, a paranoid neighbor, one lost cell phone, 6 beers, 5 trains and 52 miles. Thank you!
Shot north of Chesterfield IN on some tracks!

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