Brandy Day38: Jordan Keith Lynch

Brandy Day38: Jordan Keith Lynch

Happy 31st Birthday to my best friend Jordan. What defines a best friend?! I trust we all have our opinions. Jordan, the male version of me. He could put a smile on my face in an instant, wipe a tear without looking, a laugh more contagious than chicken pox, a smile brighter than the sun, eyes bluer than the sky, a touch softer than cotton. Always the first to stand by ones side without hesitation. Happy. One hell of an artist.
Every 14 minutes someone dies by suicide. Jordan became part of those statistics 8 years ago. I never thought I would EVER have to live one day without him. My best friend. Everyday at 7pm my phone rang with his voice on the other end. We knew more about the other than we did our self sometimes. I’ll never forget the day I got the phone call. Where I was, what I was doing and how I had no clue how my life was about to change. Every 14 minutes. Those are insane statistics.
They say it gets easier with time. That’s not true. You find ways to manage with time. It NEVER gets easy.
Jordan I miss you everyday and love you just the same. Sometimes I wish I could forget to remember you, though that’s simply to dull the pain. Without you I wouldn’t know love, friendship, pain, misery, happiness. I can only hold onto what you’ve given me with memories & feelings and hope, God I hope, to see you, feel you, hear you once again.
Taken 12 years ago at Ball State University I’ve always loved this photo of us probably because of the fun we were having that night, like many others, but this was our first night out together as a couple ❤

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