Brandy Day40: Define

I was thinking on my way home, what defines me? When people think of me, what is it they think. If they had to use one word, one photo what would it be? I’ve had a journey thus far in life. I’ve done dumb things, fun things. I’ve loved with my whole heart, that has been shattered. I’ve survived situations/circumstances I thought for sure would kill me. I’ve climed only to fall. I’ve learned, lost, found, forgotten, helped, hindered, held, dropped, coward, stood tall.
I have 9 tattoos. Remiders of those moments. I have 11 scars, also reminders of those moments. All of this is what has made me. What defines me. This is who I am. Where I’ve been. Make no mistake though, it DOES NOT make a path of where I’m going. Tomorrow is uncertain of what it holds, even to itself.
Strong. Life. Determined.
What defines you?

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