Brandy Day42: Shark Tank

Brandy Day42: Shark Tank

I’ve grown to hate Tuesday! Where I am employed it’s ‘Steak Night’ $6.95 bacon wrapped filet, baked potato, soup and salad. It’s a cheap meal, no drink purchase required and you run your ass off for a $3 tip if you’re lucky!
My first Tuesday here I had ‘that table’. If you’re in the service industry you understand. ‘That table’ orders water with lemon, plenty of lemon, two dressings on the salad, “I’m sorry I forgot, no croutons, can you please remake this?” & someone at the table needs something every time you approach.
I’ve always said I feel that everyone should work in the service industry the summer between Junior/Senior year of high school. A lot to be learned in that industry & hours.
We are more than just your server/waitress/bartender. We are the ones who make it possible to go out and enjoy a nice dinner, an easy evening, a great meal or a delicious cocktail. Be respectful, have fun with us & understand you are NOT the only table in the restaurant. If there is an issue politely let us know & we will do our best to fix it. Tip accordingly, if you can’t afford to tip properly, perhaps staying at home is a better thought.
Spoken for all of us in the industry. Loving our jobs and sharing our stories. Shot on Tuesday, dubbed ‘Shark Tank Tuesday’, we are all bait and about to get eaten ALIVE!

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