Brandy Day87: Whisky in my Water


My world. This is my style. What I do. I love bartending. I love the service industry. The people I meet. The connections. The hours are long. I work opposite the general public. The work is hustlin’.
I’ve meet amazing people throughout the years. I’ve also met assholes. All in all, as a whole I can honestly say I love my job. 
Understanding life isn’t about perfection and knowing its about learning, will make shitty days easier.

Brandy Day86: I’m a Machine


Everything has a story. Where its been, what it holds, the duration of its existence. This store sits in the middle of nowhere small town Indiana, inside the store sits an old woman who could probably tell you everything about everyone in that town.
Learning is listening, watching, loving & caring. Looking in the eyes and seeing the heart. Feeling the despair in a simple touch of a chilled hand. The warmth of the soul and gentle kindness through laughter.
Shot in the middle of somewhere on a back road knowing my heart is a machine.

Brandy Day85: Ditto


Oh Chan….! I read your post and nearly lost it. I love you so much! I laugh at the fact we took the same photo of each other. Its perfect!
You’re right. Today was great! Something we both needed. I’m glad that I can be there, that you call/text me when you need something.  The world can chew you up, spit you out, it can be easy or harder than hell, some days you’ll want to give up while other days you’ll laugh at the thought of giving in. No matter what, I’m here, I’ll always be here & never sell yourself short. Never regret anything. Your amazing. You’ll succeed and be wonderful.
Thank you for being my saving grace & role model. I love you!

Brandy Day84: Head in the Clouds


Yup. Spent a lot of time looking up today. Wondering why. (Something we should never do but always do). Not knowing why we endure the pain that we do is sometimes harder than the pain itself.
The white, fluffy clouds are so comforting, why NOT have your head in the clouds?! The view from above can be lonely but also so very peaceful!
Shot, through the sun roof, while pondering life, while looking up.

Brandy Day83: Midnight Skies


The free feeling, windows down, radio up, camera in hand, dog in the back & alone with your thoughts. Freedom & captivity at its finest. Driving roads that were once foreign. Thoughts…that trail off. The often distraction of a neat shot or the thought of its existence.
Sometimes being alone with your thoughts is worse than having a gun in a crowded area.
What do you mostly think of?
When thoughts become as clear as the billowing smoke in the dark night sky to rise with the stars only to disappear. The realization. The tears build, close enough to fall over the bottom of your eyes, you swallow hoping that will stop the inevitable.

Chandler Day 85: Shooting With Bran

DSC02251I needed this. Today I met with Brandy and we went to Potbelly (our tradition before going to shoot), talked, shot a train yard, chased a train, shot an abandoned building, and finally shot this abandoned train bridge. It was a great day. Great food, great shots, and a good talks with a best friend. This is when I feel happiest. When I’m out, camera in hand, getting great shots with Bran. No doubt about it. We always have so much fun. I can be feeling horrible but this always cheers me up. This week has been rough to say the least, but today helped me out a lot. It helped me clear my head a little and I had fun. I felt good. I laughed. She gave me some good advice and cheered me up. She’s pretty amazing to say the least. We’ve been through a lot together, and we’ll go through more together. I love you Bran!

Chandler Day 82-84: Stop Everything & Get the Shot

DSC02194Finally able to take a shot. After a long few days with lots of stress, talking, anxiety, big decisions looming and a general feeling of wanting to throw up, I was able to sit and take a shot. It had been too long. I was just sitting, thinking and I saw this. It’s weird how sometimes a shot will present itself. It just pops up and you have to stop everything and capture it. Put everything on hold and capture that image, or else it will drive you nuts. Or sometimes it’s a place you see or an idea of an image that comes to mind and you just have to get the shot. You have to get it out of your head. You’ll go to great lengths to set the picture up or get to the place (like ignoring trespassing signs or going to dangerous places).  And this was one of them. I had been sitting there for probably half and hour and then I just stopped and really looked for some reason and I captured this. It’s nothing spectacular or special or that good, but it was a photo that I needed to take.

Brandy Day82: Even Split


This is one photo. One day. One evening. One sunset. LOVE this photo. It looks like two. Like a sunny day. A cloudy day. Split evenly with the tree. A middle ground. Today’s sunset was beautiful. I finally had a hard time choosing which photo I was going to use.
Its like a coin, like everything or anything it has two sides. This was one of those photos I captured but hadn’t realized its true beauty until I looked at it later.
Shot at my local pond, like a country song 😉

Brandy Day81: I’ll be Outside!!


Last open, all day double. Started off decently slow.
I was taking food to a table when I noticed the orange glow reflecting off a building across the street. I walked back into the kitchen, grabbed my phone and stated to whoever would listen,  “I’ll be outside” as I rushed out the back kitchen door.
You have to be tired of the sunset photos. I get it. Someone once said, “I love them, they are all the same but yet somehow different”.  I see it. They see it. I love it. In midst of all the chaos I still find my happiness.