Chandler Day 63: The Little Things

DSC01875Today was a long day of studying, tests, work, and stress. And after work, I found out Hannah had a pretty bad day. So we talked and I tried my best to make her feel better. Once we talked and started to relax, we got better and were back to normal. It’s amazing how just talking to someone you love can make everything so much better. And we got to spend the rest of the night together, doing some more work, talking and laughing. And as we sat together, I asked her to draw a smiley face on my hand, because I knew it would make me smile in the morning. So she drew one and then she made one for herself. And it made us laugh and smile and it turned into today’s photo. That’s her smiley face photo-bombing the picture. It’s such a little thing, probably insignificant in the grand scheme of things. But it made us laugh and it cheered us up. And as someone wise told me, “the little things…they go a lot further than big things.” 

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