Chandler Day 82-84: Stop Everything & Get the Shot

DSC02194Finally able to take a shot. After a long few days with lots of stress, talking, anxiety, big decisions looming and a general feeling of wanting to throw up, I was able to sit and take a shot. It had been too long. I was just sitting, thinking and I saw this. It’s weird how sometimes a shot will present itself. It just pops up and you have to stop everything and capture it. Put everything on hold and capture that image, or else it will drive you nuts. Or sometimes it’s a place you see or an idea of an image that comes to mind and you just have to get the shot. You have to get it out of your head. You’ll go to great lengths to set the picture up or get to the place (like ignoring trespassing signs or going to dangerous places).  And this was one of them. I had been sitting there for probably half and hour and then I just stopped and really looked for some reason and I captured this. It’s nothing spectacular or special or that good, but it was a photo that I needed to take.

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