Chandler Day 95: 100 Acres

DSC02403Every now and then good days come along just when you need them. Today was one of those days. For some reason I had been wondering if everything was really worth it. If all the trouble and stress we go through is worth it. That thought kept playing in my head. This evening I went with Hannah to the 100 acres where we walked around for a while. We found a clearing with a bench that had this view. We sat there and talked for the longest time about all sorts of things. Little things, big things, memories and feelings. And as I sat there thinking about so many things, talking to Hannah and experiencing the woods around me I suddenly realized that, yes, everything is worth it. Moments like this, spent with someone like her, are what make everything worth it. I won’t ever forget sitting on that bench with her, talking about everything  and anything, as the sun slowly climbed down and the lake became a mirror and I realized that life is worth living.

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