Chandler Day 128: This is Where it Started

fisherphotoThis is where it all started. In Fisher Hall. On our last day of our Freshman year we went to Fisher Hall before we left. This is where we met. We were taking Basic Drawing together in the first semester. I had seen her only one other time, at out orientation. I thought she was beautiful when I saw her, but I just figured I probably wouldn’t see her again and I didn’t stand a chance with her. So I was really excited when I saw her on my first day of that class. This is where we first talked to each other. This is where we stood watching the rain come down in sheets one day and I offered to walk her back to her dorm, all the way on the other side of campus, in the pouring rain under my umbrella. I got soaked walking her back, but it was unbelievably worth it. Because it was me walking her back in the rain that gave me a chance. And here we are almost six months later in the place where it all started.



One thought on “Chandler Day 128: This is Where it Started

  1. What a way with words Chan – you are such an amazing writer. Love this picture of you and Hannah. Love you guys!!!

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