Brandy Day166: So Close Yet So Far Away..

Brandy Day166: So Close Yet So Far Away..

Needed some time away from ‘life’, so I took a drive. Headed north to a place I’d recently seen photos of, Michigan City, Indiana. I must admit, I’m slightly upset that I’m just now seeing this part of Indiana for the first time. At exactly a 3 hour drive, one could assume I was anywhere but here.
Sitting of the shore of Lake Michigan, this lighthouse (West Pier Lighthouse) was constructed 1836, just 20 years after Indiana became a state. Incredible.
This is such a beautiful area. The beach is not crowded and everyone I spoke with was so pleasant.
I met a gentleman named Phil & his daughter Grace. I had just finished shooting sunset and they were on their way back from an evening walk along the pier. He asked me if I was waiting on the ‘perfect shot’ to which I replied, “If I get the perfect shot, then what? I’ll always be looking for something better, something more.” I shared my story with him of how I traveled across country and how Bill from Rapid City whom shared the same story with me. Phil then told me he too wanted to travel cross country. I encouraged him to do so. That he had no excuse not to. He was in good health and his children were grown. There was nothing holding him here. Grace then gave him a look of encouragement.
I can only hope that that was their conversation the rest of their walk to the car. I can only hope that I planted a seed for this man. I hope he is not planning, yet simply doing. As for me, tonight I’m sleeping on the beach 🙂

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