Brandy Day240: Forgotten Love


There is a home that has stood vacant for years. It’s slightly overgrown with weeds, the wood is weathered & some of the windows are broken out. A few months ago I drove by and noticed two blacks labs in the pinned in back area, though the house still sat ‘for sale’. Concerned for them, I went back this evening checking to see if they were still there. They were. I immediately contacted the number listed and spoke with the homeowner. He explained he couldn’t have then where he currently lived & that he feeds them twice a day and they were available for adoption.
My heart broke for them. I look at my two and how happy they are and how happy they make me. That is their job, to love & nurture. To keep me happy & laughing. These two dogs who have been ‘forgotten’ about, who sit outside alone every evening. Hoping their owner comes back to feed them again.
I contacted a friend about helping me remove them and take them to a shelter. Hopefully we can make this happen. Soon. They would be adopted immediately and hopefully into a loving home, where they can do why they do best. Love.

Brandy Day239: Kickin’ It


Today was hard for me to go and shoot. I have been fighting a migraine & nausea. As the evening began to set in, the pain in my legs began to worsen. Unfortunately, shooting sunset and photos for me is like the equivalent of having a drink every evening to others. It’s an addiction. I knew if I sat at home and felt sorry for myself & the lousy way I was feeling, I was going to more upset about missing the sunset.
I would have been right. It was beautiful! I also had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful dogs & their lovely human. Like I always say, a sunset always means a new day will soon start.

Brandy Day238: Awkward Comfort


Not sure why, but when things get hard, really really hard, I go here. The cemetery. Jordan was buried here 8 years ago. I wouldn’t say I ‘feel’ him here so I’m not sure why this is where I run. Its peaceful, quiet & soothing. After he first passed I would spend almost every night out here.  A few times I feel asleep, crying for him.  Willing to give anything to have him back. 
Today was a very hard day. Flooded with emotions & tears. Mostly because I miss him & his loyalty. His friendship & his love. His security. Feeling broken, leaving my heart buried.

Chandler Day 239: Hannah & Abby

DSC04415One of my assignments for my photography class was to shoot pictures of the people in my world. Among the people I shot, I had to shoot Hannah( of course) and her roommate Abby. This is their second year as roommates and they’ve become great friends.

Chandler Day 238: The Rain Garden

DSC04394This is the Rain Garden by the Evan Center. Normally I just pass it by and don’t give it a second thought. But tonight it looked pretty. It had just stopped storming and it was actually a decent temperature outside. I was messing around with the lights in the garden and Hannah was walking across the huge concrete platforms. And then this shot came together. It reminded me of a ghost, which is appropriate for our very haunted university.

Chandler Day 237: A New Discovery

DSC04366Today we were shooting at one of my favorite parks and I noticed this heart faintly scratched into the surface of a concrete slab in front of some old ruins. I’ve shot this place a number of times but I didn’t notice this until tonight. So I snapped a shot, though I couldn’t really see much. And then I edited it and noticed the H + C in the heart, which are me and Hannah’s initials. I thought it was a funny little find and something I never would have noticed if I hadn’t payed a little more attention.

Chandler Day 236: Parking Garages Can be Creepy

DSC04359For some reason I have always hated parking garages. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like being underground in them or because I can’t see outside or because you never know who is in them. I don’t know, they have always just freaked me out. So I always avoid parking in them. I always park on the street, even though it can be much more of a hassle. But today I decided to park in a garage as we were downtown and had to be somewhere on time. It didn’t freak me out this time. I suppose I’ve just grown out of that old fear. But they do still look creepy, which can make for a good shot.