Brandy Day240: Forgotten Love


There is a home that has stood vacant for years. It’s slightly overgrown with weeds, the wood is weathered & some of the windows are broken out. A few months ago I drove by and noticed two blacks labs in the pinned in back area, though the house still sat ‘for sale’. Concerned for them, I went back this evening checking to see if they were still there. They were. I immediately contacted the number listed and spoke with the homeowner. He explained he couldn’t have then where he currently lived & that he feeds them twice a day and they were available for adoption.
My heart broke for them. I look at my two and how happy they are and how happy they make me. That is their job, to love & nurture. To keep me happy & laughing. These two dogs who have been ‘forgotten’ about, who sit outside alone every evening. Hoping their owner comes back to feed them again.
I contacted a friend about helping me remove them and take them to a shelter. Hopefully we can make this happen. Soon. They would be adopted immediately and hopefully into a loving home, where they can do why they do best. Love.

Brandy Day239: Kickin’ It


Today was hard for me to go and shoot. I have been fighting a migraine & nausea. As the evening began to set in, the pain in my legs began to worsen. Unfortunately, shooting sunset and photos for me is like the equivalent of having a drink every evening to others. It’s an addiction. I knew if I sat at home and felt sorry for myself & the lousy way I was feeling, I was going to more upset about missing the sunset.
I would have been right. It was beautiful! I also had the pleasure of meeting two beautiful dogs & their lovely human. Like I always say, a sunset always means a new day will soon start.

Brandy Day238: Awkward Comfort


Not sure why, but when things get hard, really really hard, I go here. The cemetery. Jordan was buried here 8 years ago. I wouldn’t say I ‘feel’ him here so I’m not sure why this is where I run. Its peaceful, quiet & soothing. After he first passed I would spend almost every night out here.  A few times I feel asleep, crying for him.  Willing to give anything to have him back. 
Today was a very hard day. Flooded with emotions & tears. Mostly because I miss him & his loyalty. His friendship & his love. His security. Feeling broken, leaving my heart buried.

Chandler Day 239: Hannah & Abby

DSC04415One of my assignments for my photography class was to shoot pictures of the people in my world. Among the people I shot, I had to shoot Hannah( of course) and her roommate Abby. This is their second year as roommates and they’ve become great friends.

Chandler Day 238: The Rain Garden

DSC04394This is the Rain Garden by the Evan Center. Normally I just pass it by and don’t give it a second thought. But tonight it looked pretty. It had just stopped storming and it was actually a decent temperature outside. I was messing around with the lights in the garden and Hannah was walking across the huge concrete platforms. And then this shot came together. It reminded me of a ghost, which is appropriate for our very haunted university.

Chandler Day 237: A New Discovery

DSC04366Today we were shooting at one of my favorite parks and I noticed this heart faintly scratched into the surface of a concrete slab in front of some old ruins. I’ve shot this place a number of times but I didn’t notice this until tonight. So I snapped a shot, though I couldn’t really see much. And then I edited it and noticed the H + C in the heart, which are me and Hannah’s initials. I thought it was a funny little find and something I never would have noticed if I hadn’t payed a little more attention.

Chandler Day 236: Parking Garages Can be Creepy

DSC04359For some reason I have always hated parking garages. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I don’t like being underground in them or because I can’t see outside or because you never know who is in them. I don’t know, they have always just freaked me out. So I always avoid parking in them. I always park on the street, even though it can be much more of a hassle. But today I decided to park in a garage as we were downtown and had to be somewhere on time. It didn’t freak me out this time. I suppose I’ve just grown out of that old fear. But they do still look creepy, which can make for a good shot.

Chandler Day 235: Passageways

DSC04320At the 100 Acres there is this weird rock wall, tunnel, garden thing that is very hard to describe but is also very interesting. It starts out with a walkway that gradually slopes down towards a tunnel and there are loose rock walls that grow on either side. Then there is an unlit tunnel that you have to walk through. For some reason it reminds me of a tunnel into a tomb. I don’t know if that is what the artist intended or not. But on the other side of this tunnel there is light and a nice staircase that leads up to a nice square garden with pleasant green grass and a wall around it. Anyway this passageway seems like the tunnel between life, death and whatever the hell is on the other side. A passageway into another world, another life. There is something mythical and primal and prehistoric about this garden and I love it.

Chandler Day 234: The Final Blow

DSC04274Today they tore down the Art Annex which was adjacent to Fisher Hall and part of the art department. I almost didn’t even notice it, but Hannah was getting great pictures of it and had me come over. So we shot some photos and watched them tear down the last remnants of the art department. Even though this building was old and somewhat run down, it was sad to see it go. It was the last bit of the old art program and it was quickly reduced to rubble, stuffed in a dumpster and trucked away. The area is now being bulldozed and awaits the gravel that will make it a parking lot.

Brandy Day237: Puppy Persistence


Oliver thought I should wake up at 6am today. I thought Oliver was crazy and with his persistence I was up and putting shoes on at 630. I was out the door, driving in the warm morning air. The sky started to lighten and the fog that had set in hours before, began to lift from its short slumber.  The country promised such soft contrast.
Thank you for your puppy persistence Oliver, sunrise was stunning.