Brandy Day219: See Through My Reflection


I find it captivating how we see ourselves differently than how others see us.
Personally, when I look in the mirror or see my reflection, I see me, the road I’ve been down. I see the scars, the tears, the weight I’ve carried & the mistakes I’ve made. I see the love I’ve held onto and the hurt I’ve let go of. I see the person I wanted to be. I see a fighter. I see hope & inspiration.
Its true we choose our paths. However, we are not always allowed to choose the road. Its OK, I enjoy the change in scenery!

3 thoughts on “Brandy Day219: See Through My Reflection

  1. You ARE the person you want to be. That is what makes you special. You are a fighter… A bad ass…. You should let go of the weight you carry and mistakes that you “think” you have made, and believe in people that you know in your heart will never let you down, Your family…. Elephants and alligators.

    You are a one and only, a special individual. Anyone would be so lucky to be able to give up anything and everything they had to know you and be a part of you. Never forget that. Believe In yourself, believe in your words…. Be a fighter. Everything will be ok in the end. Endure. #52

    Chandler, please make sure brandy sees this message. Thank you. You are both great inspirations.

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