Brandy Day289: Bricker Bricker Bricker!!!


Bricker and I met when we both worked at Claddagh six or seven years ago.  Though we haven’t worked together in several years, we’ve still kept in touch, as she is the type of friend that you want to have forever.  She’s the type of friend that will do anything for you anytime.  Truly cares about your well being.  Has a laugh that’s beautifully contagious.  The type of friend that will let you climb through the doggie door to gain access to her house because she forgot to leave you a key.  The kind of friend that you have several inside jokes that only you and her should EVER know about.

Bricker has spent the years I’ve known her trying to better the lives of others.  Currently her house is full and I mean full of items that have been donated for those less fortunate than most.  She works alongside many others that donate their time and compassion to help the homeless.  I’ve never understood how she does it. Daily.  Putting herself out there to help those that struggle.  To see the things she does and to hear the things they tell her.  The overwhelming feeling of it all has to take a toll on ones health.  Ones mind.  Bricker though, every time, will have that contagious laugh, that beautiful smile and more happiness than a three year old.  The sadness that she endures from some must be fulfilled by seeing the achievement of others that she has invested her time and heart in.  Just the other day I had the pleasure of helping take a bed and some furniture that my mom had donated to a gentleman that had been on the streets, but with Brickers help, he was now living indoors and hopefully able to maintain the help he needs to live a stable life.

A text that her and I shared, Me: “I don’t know how you do it daily, but they are lucky to have you.”  Her: “Awww thanks!  I’m lucky to have them too!”

Thank you for being such a great friend.  Not only to me but to those you don’t know.  To those that need you.  Thank you for sharing that with me, sharing that compassion.  Thank you for all that you do.

*Note:  Bricker is her last name.  I’ve called her that since I met her :)*

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