Brandy Day257: We Rock


Sunday spent with some of the coolest people in my world. Got to make an amazing dinner, stuffed mozzarella pesto chicken, Parmesan pasta, sautéd veggies & bread.
I shot this with Mary at my newest favorite hidden gem. She was throwing rocks in the water making cool splashes in the setting sun. 


Brandy Day187: Hit or Stay


Blackjack, also known a 21, is the most widely played casino game in the world.  This game began between 1601 & 1602.
I don’t gamble as I don’t do well in high stress situations. I was happy to just stand behind the guys and watch, and ‘people watch as well 🙂
Andy the pit boss was kind enough to allow me to take this photo as cameras and phones are NOT allowed to be used while at the tables.