Chandler Day 257: Take Another Look

DSC04940Tonight Brandy sent me a video about why a person hated religion and instead just focused on god. It got me thinking. I agreed with many things he said. I personally have no religion nor do I believe in any god. I suppose there is the possibility of a superior force out there but I will continue on with my life perfectly alright without it. I have seen religion do some nasty things and I have watched things around me and they do not agree with the idea that there is a personal, good god. There are big evils you could point to that would help this point, but instead I point to the guilt, shame and anxiety that religion can cause. I point to how it divides families, prevents people from moving on and being happy, how it judges people, how it discriminates, how it puts people down and the violence it causes. And I point to the fear that it instills to control. Of course the idea of religion itself does not necessarily do this. It’s the people that do, I get it. But people are affected by ideas and ideologies and these are the results. This is what happens when people act on these ideas that they were taught. Of course there is good there too. But maybe we should take a look at our beliefs, at our religions and what they cause us to do. Challenge your beliefs and really look at the world around you and see what you find. You might be surprised.

Chandler Day 7: Pages

DSC00536This photo is kind of hard to explain, but I’ll try my best. The page in the middle of the picture is sheet music torn from an old German songbook I had. I gave it to my girlfriend to use in an art assignment she was working on. She was creating a large “blanket” of photos, book pages and sheet music attached to burlap for an art class. Every page and photo and song that she chose were important to her. When I look at the blanket now, it takes a while to find the little page of music I gave her. This page is a tiny little part of the blanket. But it’s still significant to me and her. And for some reason this little page makes me think about our actions and how they affect people. They can be tiny little things we do, things we would never think twice about, but they still affect people. They make an impact on people, whether we know it or not. I think it’s important to think about this every now and then, to remind ourselves of how important our actions really are.