Chandler Day 211: The Human Heart Is Pounding

DSC04130I got to talk about art tonight. I like talking about the general idea of art and what it is. I think we are living in an amazing time for art and it’s many expressions. It’s amazing to see how countless people are taking their ideas and expressing it them in limitless ways. All the different mediums and then all the different styles and movements and personal touches within each medium. I think now, more than ever people are expressing themselves in incredibly diverse ways. So diverse that some may not even see it as art. We are pushing ourselves and the limits and there are conversations and debates and it’s intense and I love it. Our art is full of life and creativity and passion and I hope it only continues and increases.

Brandy Day196: Proudly Restless 365


I fell in love with this photo. I saw it on Chive, and if I could put a photo to my life, it would be this.
I’m not one to ‘sit back and relax’. I want to go go go. I need to. I need to see what else is out there. I want to capture all that I can. It’s what makes me feel alive.

Brandy Day173: 10 Seconds of Love Trust Fear


I find it more common than not that we share what we are often afraid to disclose about our self, with those close to us.
We don’t disclose our darkest of demons because we live in fear of judgement, betrayal, loss of respect, even if those demons are ones we didn’t create.  Being trapped in your own personal hell of thoughts & emotions will slowly kill what makes you you.
Listening to someone share their thoughts, someone I thought I knew. Seeing someone I care about be so vulnerable. Hurt so badly. Crying with them, not because of their tears but because I could feel the pain in their heart. Their mind. It was just as real to me as it was to them. I wonder how things would be different between us had we gone ‘demon hunting’ together.
I don’t know that I’ve ever hurt for someone the way I hurt for you. Seeing your pain.  This changes nothing, other than making sense of some things. I also happen to love fishing especially with a Snoopy fishing pole!!
I’ll never be able to give you those 10 seconds or more that you often dream of but I can promise you I can give you love & trust. Fear is only felt until you realize the love and trust are real.
Thank you for loving me enough to trust me.

Brandy Day170: Flooded Chaos


Summer storms. Where it can be shining sun, torrential downpour, sun again, melting heat and when the rain hits the pavement its instant steam.
Its such a sweet smell. Rain on hot country roads. Wet soil. The smell of corn growing in the fields. The way the winds blow and bring those scents to you.
Sometimes I wish photography was scratch and sniff. So you could really feel the photo. This grabbed my attention. The reflection of the sun setting in the distance. The reflection of corn from the drowning field. It stopped me. A scene so beautiful, with so many smells and emotions, just washed up waiting for someone to carelessly drive through. Disrupting the beauty.

Chandler Day 28: Alive

DSC01112 (2)Today I did some more driving around Indy, this time on the South side. The sky was full of steam from factories, power plants and treatment plants. They were the only source of white in what would have been a perfectly clear blue sky. It felt good to drive and do nothing other than look at what was around me and listen to music, with Hannah right beside me. It also felt good to not be alone. Today was okay. Nothing really spectacular happened. The weather was still cold and I had class, which is never fun. But things were okay. And right now I’m fine with okay. I’m alive, the sun was shining, the sky was blue, I got to shoot and I got be with someone I really like being with, and that’s enough. I’m alive and that’s significant enough for me.

Chandler Day 6: Snow Day

DSC00521 Today was a snow day. I’m still buried in Danville and unable to go anywhere. But I got to relax. I was able to stop and just  enjoy the day with my girlfriend. We slept in late, played old video games, watched TV and played cards. Nothing seemingly significant happened today. But today was still important. I’m alive and well and I was happy and I got to spend time with someone close to me. That might sound very ordinary and not very special, but when you think about it, it’s actually quite significant. For me, every day that I am actually happy and happy to be alive, is a significant day. Because not every day is like that. So cherish every day and appreciate those seemingly ordinary things like being around people close to you, or being able to relax or simply being happy.