Chandler Day 240: Quit Horsin’ Around

DSC04547Today I went back home for a little bit and visited with my family and the pets, including Shae. It was kind of odd being there knowing we wouldn’t be at this place for much longer. So I went out to the pasture and spent some time with Shae. It’s always been one of my favorite places to be there. I gave her some treats, which she obviously enjoyed and petted her. Shae has always been a great pet, always wanting to be loved and get treats and she will just stand there listening to you and rub her head on you.

Chandler Day 223: It’s a Blur

DSC04177Time goes by rather quickly. It seems not that long ago that Summer started and it was going to be a long time before I went back to school. And now Summer is coming quickly to a close for me and I’ll be moving back to college soon. I’m excited though and I’m ready for new adventures and I’m ready to learn some new things. But we all should appreciate our little bit of time here.

Brandy Day216: 4 Hours


One of those days that warrants a 4 hour country cruise with the windows down and no destination.
I’ve shot this particular place before but today the sun highlighted the fence just right, giving beautiful color to all that was enclosed.
I enjoy moments like these.

Chandler Day 199: At Least I Like the Smell of Lumber

photo 3I currently work in the lumber yard at a home improvement store. It’s not the best work and it can be hard sometimes, but it’s a job. I spend the majority of my work day out in this barn stacking and sliding lumber. Today was a long day at work and I couldn’t get out of there quick enough, but hey, at least I like the smell of lumber. And my night after work made up for it all. I got to have dinner with my brother and we had a great time talking about pretty much everything and then I got to see my lovely girlfriend.

Brandy Day156: Comfort


I’ve been feeling uneasy the past couple days. Usually its an easy fix with a country drive, few sunset photos & ramen noodles. This time is different. I can’t seem to shake it no matter how many hours I spend driving or sitting outside in the night air. I’m certain it’ll work itself out, whatever it is.
Shot out there somewhere, windows down, music up & mind full of useless confusing thoughts.

Chandler Day 149: Storms Are Coming

DSC03568This week has been a week of supposed storms, that haven’t turned up. I always used to hate storms, but now I kind of like them. Today I wished it would have stormed. I heard thunder, but it never rained. But it was okay, me and Hannah treated it like a rainy day anyway. We both had the day off and we relaxed watching TV, making pancakes, cleaning, reading and watching movies. It was a good day and good time spent together.

Chandler Day 74: A Familiar Barn

DSC02163Today as I drove to Cicero, I went past an old barn that I use to go to all the time. It’s not too far from my dad’s house and I used to ride my bike down to this barn. I used to take photos here a lot and this was really one of the first abandoned and decaying buildings that I shot. It was nice to see this barn again and I had to stop for a quick shot.

Brandy Day63: B&W Night Sky


I’ve driven by here many times, like everything that’s within a 20mile radius of my house, but this time, it was different. It was night, the sky was clear and I was happily feeling creative. I’ve always loved the clean, clear look b & w adds to a photo. I also love the old school look that the basketball goal adds.
Shot off a numbered country road in the late hours of a since forgotten day.

Chandler Day 42: The Moon & Stars

DSC01413 (2)It felt good to get out and shoot tonight. I was able to drive around in the country and take some shots of the night sky. It was perfectly clear out for once and the stars and the moon were brilliant. It was freezing out but it felt good to have a camera in hand and the stars above. I was alone with the moon and the stars. And it was almost completely silent, aside from the occasional hoot of a Great-Horned Owl in the distance. Taken at the Farm, in rural Lebanon, IN.