Brandy Day220: Dirt


I don’t mind it, gettin’ dirty, wearin’ boots & jeans. Walking through corn fields and down train tracks. Its such a liberating feeling. Finding old abandoned homes, buildings & barns. I once walked through a barn that had antique furniture covered and books dating back to 1800’s.
I really enjoy finding lost memories.

Chandler Day 156: Cornfields & Dust Clouds

DSC03603A good portion of today was spent driving. I had nothing to do today and no really to see. So I drove. I drove down twisting country roads, kicking up dust, speeding past farms and blaring music. I thought about a lot of stuff, daydreamed, and cleared my head. Some days I hate driving. And other days I love it. Today was one of those days. I like to explore, I like having the road to myself, I like my music and I like my alone time.

Shot in rural Hendricks County

Chandler Day 135: Something New

DSC03110Driving down a familiar road, I found something unfamiliar today. Another house and property abandoned. I love it. I drove past and saw it was abandoned. I slammed on the brakes, threw my car in reverse and went back to it. I had to get a few quick pictures. I couldn’t resist. I’ll be going back soon to explore it more.