Chandler Day 330: A Last Look

DSC00271I know, another random, out of place, photo. But it has meaning for today. Today we officially moved out of the house and into a new one. Today it was a little bit harder because it was official. Also the man who bought the house turned out to be real, pretentious, asshole who doesn’t deserve the place, but whatever. I ran across this photo recently. This is the view from my bedroom window, which I used to wake up to every morning. That sun shined on my bed every morning and occasionally the moon would light my room too. It has been the frame for a lot of photos. I have spent a lot of time looking, watching, dreaming, and thinking out this window. It’s a great view and I hope it will continue to be appreciated. I took one last look out that window today.

Chandler Day 134: Back Home

DSC03106Last week I finished up finals and completed my freshman year of college. It was a pretty good year with lots of ups and downs, great memories, adventures, and meeting the most amazing woman ever. Once I finished up my finals, I moved out and moved to my Dad’s house. It was a little weird moving to his house. I haven’t actually lived there in about seven years. I moved out when my parents got divorced and lived with my mom. But this summer I decided to live with my dad, just to switch it up. And tonight I unpacked and put my room together. It’s interesting being back in this room. This was my room when I was a little kid and it’s changed a lot.