Chandler Day 140: Fly

DSC03321I always love being able to see Brown Pelicans. They are amazing birds. Everything from their specialized bill, to their hunting ability to their flight. I love watching them. I love seeing them fly up high, then plunge, fearlessly, straight down into the water to catch a fish. I love watching a flock glide, low over the water, weaving their way through the incoming waves. They’re incredible.

A flock of them flying high over Myrtle Beach, SC.


Brandy Day56: Ill-Eagle Hunting


Today, like many others, I got in my truck and started driving. No destination. While out in the country, where I always seem to end up I spotted a white head in a tree line that ran along a creek bed. I thought “No freakin way!!” I turned down the road and as I approached I realized what was looking down on me, into my eyes. Such a beautiful creature. Docile yet intimidating. Perched so high and proud. He just say there and allowed me to photograph him.
Shot in awe on that random country road.

Chandler Day 42: The Moon & Stars

DSC01413 (2)It felt good to get out and shoot tonight. I was able to drive around in the country and take some shots of the night sky. It was perfectly clear out for once and the stars and the moon were brilliant. It was freezing out but it felt good to have a camera in hand and the stars above. I was alone with the moon and the stars. And it was almost completely silent, aside from the occasional hoot of a Great-Horned Owl in the distance. Taken at the Farm, in rural Lebanon, IN.