Chandler Day 267: Nina Mason Pulliam Ecolab

DSC05230I went to the Ecolab here at Marian to spend some time shooting. This is one of the best things about Marian. It is a beautiful preserve right in Indianapolis that is owned by Marian. It has ponds, wetlands, woodland, and some prairie. It’s is great for birding and has a nice population of beaver. It’s beautiful down here and perfect to escape to. And the best part is that I will be working here soon and one of my jobs will be to take photos of it.

Chandler Day 140: Fly

DSC03321I always love being able to see Brown Pelicans. They are amazing birds. Everything from their specialized bill, to their hunting ability to their flight. I love watching them. I love seeing them fly up high, then plunge, fearlessly, straight down into the water to catch a fish. I love watching a flock glide, low over the water, weaving their way through the incoming waves. They’re incredible.

A flock of them flying high over Myrtle Beach, SC.


Chandler Day 138: Gulls, Terns, & Ducks

DSC03252While we’ve been on vacation, I’ve been able to do a little bit of birding along the beach, and I’ve been able to pick up three lifers. I found a nice Great Black-backed Gull, and then Hannah found a Black Scoter and Least Tern for me. I’ve seen some other good birds and it’s been fun shooting all the gulls, like this Ring-billed Gull above.


Chandler Day 132: Time to go Home

DSC03067I woke up this morning, after a night of rain, to this beautiful sunrise. I had a lot of fun camping and birding this weekend. I’ll definitely be coming back next May. I got up, listened to the Orioles, Yellow Warblers, and Blackbirds calling and started packing up so I could make the long drive back home. It was a lot of fun and I’ll miss the birds, but I’m ready to be back home in Indy.

Chandler Day 131: Lake Erie Coast

DSC03093Another day of birding and exploring the parks along Lake Erie. It’s beautiful up here and the birds are amazing. I got my first lifer of the trip, which was also a rarity for Ohio. That was White-faced Ibis.  I talked to some more neat people, saw a lot of good birds, walked along this beautiful beach and at the end of the day I picked up a few more species, which got me to 100 species total for the trip.

Chandler Day 130: Birding Lake Erie

DSC03040Today was another full day of birding. Today was a great day of birding, including birding with a group of people from Chicago. I got to see some great birds and I had a lot of fun. I made it over 80 species by the end of the day and I’m hoping to get to 100 by the end of my trip.

Prothonotary Warbler shot at Magee Marsh

Chandler Day 129: The Biggest Week in American Birding

DSC02955I got up at five this morning and made the four hour drive to the Lake Erie coast for a birding event called the Biggest Week in American Birding. Every May  for about ten days briders from all over the U.S., Canada and the world gather in Northern Ohio to go birding. The migration along this little strip of Lake Erie’s coast is huge and the birding is amazing. Thousands and thousands of birds and thousands of birders meet here. I’ll be here for about three days to do some great birding.

Blackpoll Warbler shot at Magee Marsh


Chandler Day 121: Black-Throated Greens, Magnolias, and Nashvilles

DSC02719All those names in the title are warbler species. I got finally get out today an go birding at the 100 Acres in Indy. It was a great little bit of birding. I got some good species and it was nice to be birding again. It was good practice for my upcoming trip too.  I missed it. It had been a while, so it was great to hear the warblers, orioles, wrens and sparrows calling and singing. I love the challenge of finding them, trying to identify them and even get a few shots of them it I’m lucky. I love it.

Chandler Day 118: Getting Ready

DSC02672In about a week and a half I will be on my way to the Biggest Week in Birding which takes place up along Lake Erie and the state parks outside of Toledo. Thousands of birders from all over the U.S. and the world come to bird the marshes, woods, wetlands, and water of Northern Ohio. There is a massive Warbler and songbird migration taking place and they flock to this little area. I was lucky enough to go last year for about two days and it was amazing. This year I’ll be up there longer and I’ll be camping, so it should be very fun. I can’t wait to finish school and get up there to find some amazing birds. In the meantime I’ll be studying my field guides and planning out where all I’ll be going.

Chandler Day 49: A Beautiful Day

DSC01589Today was a beautiful day. It got up to about 45 degrees and it felt amazing out. And because my afternoon class got canceled I was able to be outside. I went to Holliday Park and took a nice walk there and then moved onto the Ecolab here at Marian. I was able to go birding there. It felt great to get back outside and start birding again. It had been almost fourth months since I last went birding, or even hiking for that matter. The sun was shining, the Cardinals and Chickadees were calling, and the sky was clear. I found some good birds and just as I was ending my hike I found this guy. He was climbing around a tree and playing in the melting snow, happy for the warm weather. He let me get a few shots and then went on his way. It was a nice end to a beautiful day outside.