Chandler Day 225: “Bob Evans Blew My Mind”

photo-9So we went to dinner for Bob Evans today. I’ve always liked the place as my family used to eat there on Sunday mornings all the time. But Hannah wasn’t sure if she had ever been, which was weird, because who hasn’t been? And as she looked over the menu she only got more excited about it. It was pretty funny to watch her and how excited she was. And then she ordered these magnificent pancakes. They tasted  pretty amazing and Hannah proceeded to say “Bob Evans blew my mind”, which was something I’d never think I’d hear.

Brandy Day198: Yummy!


I love breakfast food!! Its always been one of my favorites, which is good cause they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Lately though, when I wake I’m starving but after I’ve made food I’m no longer interested 😦 This morning after I cooked, I was able to choke down some eggs and hash browns. I hope this doesn’t continue on much longer. It saddens me not to crave some of my favorite things!

Brandy Day124: Innocent Happiness <3


Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions going from contentment to intense joy.
I had a shoot at Holcomb Garden on Butlers campus, never been before so grabbed some grub, a recently woken soul, cheez-its & hit the middle most grassy point and sat. Watching people come and go. Small chatter of birds. The freshly dampened grass from the early morning. The screaming laughter of children.
Watching this little one run and play topped off the early afternoon. She was full of happiness. So simple, so innocent.

Chandler Day 70: Good Food & Great Talks

DSC02104Blueberry pancakes, black coffee, and bacon. A great breakfast. This week I have been on spring break and home with my mom. She always cooks a great breakfast and this morning this was what she made. I always love having breakfast with her. For one it’s always great food, but we always get to talk and catch up with each other. And we usually get into a long discussion or debate and breakfast turns into a two hour event. I love it and we’ve had a lot of great talks over breakfast and hopefully we’ll have many more.