Chandler Day 307: Vonnegut

DSC06240Normally when I go downtown, I don’t expect to find something new. I’ve been around that area quite a lot and I’ve shot a ton. But tonight I found this. A very nice portrait of Mr. Kurt Vonnegut. For those of you who do not know who he is, he was an author from Indianapolis. He wrote Slaughterhouse 5, Cat’s Cradle, Sirens of Titan and much more. I love his works and find him fascinating. And tonight I found this very large portrait and was able to shoot it. I really don’t know how I missed this.

Brandy Day215: Hates The Sound Goodbyes Make


The brick in this photo is that of an old school that is still partially standing, off a road where I’ve driven the pavement thin. Standing tall in the golden sunlight, this beautiful single flower. Growing among falling bricks & crumbling memories. Perfect within imperfections.
Reminder that what was will never be. Its up to us to see the beauty.

Chandler Day 181: Wild Flowers Are Prettiest

DSC03939I happened upon this lone silo today and stopped to get a shot. And then I noticed the all the beautiful daylilies growing along the side of the fence. There were so many you couldn’t even see the fence. I absolutely love these flowers. They grow and bloom all over country roads throughout Indiana. And they are always orange (which happens to be my favorite color.) They are pretty enough to have their own picture but paired with a silo, I think it makes for a beautiful scene.

Brandy Day67: Do Not Enter


I’ve gotten asked to leave two places while shooting photography. This place and Wilmington Airport lol 😉
This place just holds so much curiosity for me. The farmer that owns chased me away last summer though I wasn’t even in the building but standing away shooting. Now a wall has fallen in and I just want to see inside and take photos. I want to know what it was, why its abandoned. So for now I’ll shoot it late at night when I know he’s tucked in with his wife next to him and his dog at the foot of the bed waiting for sunrise.

Chandler Day 64: Blue Sky

DSC01888Blue Skies. They can be wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I love a rain and gray, cloudy days. But a blue sky every now and then is beautiful. Looking up and seeing a wide open, empty sky. Just endless blue. And the spectrum of blue is incredible. From the very light, almost white, blue at the horizon to the deep, rich, almost black, blue at the very top. And every shade in between. Because I’ve tried painting a sky, I have a certain respect and awe for the shades of blue in a sky. And this morning as I walked into my hall, I looked up and saw this beautiful blue sky and it made me smile.

Brandy Day49: Secrets of History


Found this gem the other day while out driving and knew it would hold a beautiful photo at night under the stars. Its all I could think about while at work, hoping the clouds would break and the stars would be bright. Just as I hoped the clouds opened the stars glowed and the moon made a guest appearance. I felt a little odd shooting this as its in someone front yard, but I couldn’t pass it up. I made it quick and was still able to get the shot I wanted.
It was only after I got home and viewed the photo, that I fell more in love. ‘1887’ is on the roof. Wow! What this little house has held, seen and will never share. 127 years. Unfathomable. The bricks still hold the words once spoke here. The windows watch new life come and go. The ivy grows stronger every year guarding and locking the hidden secrets never to be shared. The trees stand taller than the years before guarding and protecting.
Shot in awe on a country road, once slowly traveled by history.

Brandy Day44: Old Ground


One of my favorites. An old school house. It has so much missing but holds more secrets than we will ever know. This place holds meaning to me from years past. Old art stains the inside once pristine walls, windows the mirrored reflections are now missing and the once solid brick foundation is falling. Much like life. Savor as much as you can with a photo. I wish I had taken more years before.
Shot on Cyntheanne under an audience of stars.