Chandler Day 157: Twin Bridge

DSC03626This bridge here is the second of the Twin Bridges in Avon and Danville. I already shot the first bridge and put it in an earlier post. Both of these bridges are supposedly haunted and have interchangeable stories. One is of a man buried alive in the concrete, the other is of a woman who dropped her baby in the creek below. Both are a little creepy looking and both are very photogenic. Tonight I was able to shoot the Avon bridge and explore the park that it’s in. It made for a fun evening and I hope to shoot more of the bridge another time.

Brandy Day116: River Street


I’ve been able to give back some happiness that Lilly has shared with me over the past 7 years. Today she took her first boat ride through the Atlantic Intercoastal and into Savannah. She LOVED the ride. We had lunch on River Street and then walked around a bit seeing some of the historical markers. What a beautiful place. She was worn out. Exhausted!
This photo was taken as we headed back north, Lilly facing the Savannah bridge as the sun began to set.

Chandler Day 103: The Screaming Bridge

DSC02447I was finally able to shoot this bridge today. It’s called the Screaming Bridge. It’s a supposedly haunted railroad bridge in Danville. I remember seeing it for the first time. It was the first time I had been to Danville and Hannah was giving me the grand tour in her 89 Dodge Dynasty at about midnight. She decided to include this bridge in the tour. It was pretty dark and the bridge definitely looked very creepy that night. And ever since I saw it that night I’ve wanted to shoot it. Today Hannah drove me to it again and I got to shoot it. I love this bridge. I love the architecture, the decay, and the possibility of it being haunted.

Brandy Day85: Ditto


Oh Chan….! I read your post and nearly lost it. I love you so much! I laugh at the fact we took the same photo of each other. Its perfect!
You’re right. Today was great! Something we both needed. I’m glad that I can be there, that you call/text me when you need something.  The world can chew you up, spit you out, it can be easy or harder than hell, some days you’ll want to give up while other days you’ll laugh at the thought of giving in. No matter what, I’m here, I’ll always be here & never sell yourself short. Never regret anything. Your amazing. You’ll succeed and be wonderful.
Thank you for being my saving grace & role model. I love you!

Chandler Day 81: Holliday Bridge

DSC02189This is one of my favorite bridges to drive over and shoot. I happened upon it a while ago, one day driving home from work. It’s this very pretty red, iron bridge over Little Eagle Creek. It’s tucked way back in the woods on this little, one-lane gravel road. I’ve driven over it so many times and it’s always nice to see. Apparently this bridge is also haunted. I guess back in the day they used to lynch people from this bridge. Now if you drive over it late at night, you ¬†are supposed to be able to hear screams. I’ve never heard anything, but I could see where it would be creepy at night. Despite this, I still love the bridge and when I had the chance to see it today, I had to get a shot.

Brandy Day55: Your Story


I’ve never been one to open up, share my story or chat loosely about personal affairs. Things are a bit different when you meet someone that can see through you, see your fears & occupy your thoughts for the better. Someone that’s been there that can relate with life situations makes them seem a bit easier to deal with. They made it through surely you can. Our parents teach us to share as we grow. Not just our toys or snacks. Share your story. Share your experiences, thoughts, secrets. Life’s tricky. Dont go at it alone, in the dark.
Shot this afternoon while sharing
brunch, tea & life stories.

Chandler Day 50: More Exploring

DSC01595 (3)Today I was able to get outside and go exploring in the Ecolab again. It was another beautiful day and perfect for a walk. As I walked through the Ecolab, I wandered onto another a property and found some very cool old stone bridges spanning a little creek that were built by Jens Jensen. I also found a few abandoned stone buildings on the property. The buildings were a little creepy looking but very fun to look at. And I started to think about how much there is all around us. There’s so much to see, so many places to explore, so many things to go find. These bridges and buildings have been here right by me for months and I didn’t find them until today. Think of how massive this world is and how much there is to see and photograph. It’s overwhelming and exhilarating and I can’t wait to start seeing it.