Brandy Day205: We All Have Thorns


‘Go find a new rose, don’t be afraid of thorns, cause we all have thorns.’
Roses. I’ve never been a fan. I’m not sure why. Maybe the lack of uniqueness they have, or the popularity they live in. Any rate, they have a beautiful vibrant floral look. Classy & strong. The thorns, they are hidden. Hidden beneath the beauty and strength in a world where they are already considered beautifully perfect. We use roses to symbolize love and beauty.  Its all too obvious why.

Brandy Day165: Did You Know?!

Friday the 13th. Full moon. Full moon at 12:13am. During the month of June the Sun’s path across the sky is at it’s highest & the moon is at it’s lowest keeping the lunar orb close to the horizon making … Continue reading

Chandler Day 99: Color

photo3It’s been interesting to see this pattern I’ve been working on develop. How it has gone from one stage to another. Now color has been added. It’s crazy how color changes things. It adds a whole different feel to the pattern. It’s more alive. Black, white and gray are all great and can be very powerful and very beautiful, but color is just as powerful. It presents so many moods, emotions, states, and temperatures. It’s complex, confusing and it can pull you in all sorts of directions and have so many effects. It’s changes this repeat pattern into something a little more. Color can be difficult and a lot of times I hate working with it. But other times it’s amazing and powerful and it can convey a message so well.

Brandy Day65: Damn City


This is what light pollution from the city will do while trying to shoot at night. I love living in the country. I appreciate the still nights, the quiet sky and the sound of nothing. Its beautiful. So close to country summer nights I can smell them!!
Shot between Keystone & Castleton in Indianapolis, IN.