Chandler Day 346: The Julius W. Pinnell School

SONY DSCThis is the schoolhouse that where the previous photo was taken and where my camera died. It really is an awesome building, though it is kind of creepy. We were’t able to get into it but the grounds still made for some good photos. There were a couple other small buildings on the property and an old playground. Hopefully we will be able to get into the building one day and hopefully I won’t lose another camera to the place.

Chandler Day 323: Snow at Allison

DSC06495I went out to take some photos today and I got some good ones but I also froze in the process. As I was finishing up and quickly walking back to Clare, I turned and looked at Allison Mansion. It is a beautiful mansion here on campus and today it looked even more beautiful in the snow and afternoon light. I took a quick shot and came out with this.

Chandler Day 64: Blue Sky

DSC01888Blue Skies. They can be wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, I love a rain and gray, cloudy days. But a blue sky every now and then is beautiful. Looking up and seeing a wide open, empty sky. Just endless blue. And the spectrum of blue is incredible. From the very light, almost white, blue at the horizon to the deep, rich, almost black, blue at the very top. And every shade in between. Because I’ve tried painting a sky, I have a certain respect and awe for the shades of blue in a sky. And this morning as I walked into my hall, I looked up and saw this beautiful blue sky and it made me smile.

Chandler Day 51: Stairwell

DSC01630A stairwell. Nothing special about it. I climb these stairs every day. I’ve gone up and down them countless times. Countless feet have walked on them. How many lives and stories have gone on these stairs? And as I climbed down them tonight, I had to take a shot. I don’t know what made me. I just did. I stopped for a second and saw an opportunity. It’s amazing the things you see as a photographer when you slow down. So many tiny little things all around us have potential. You just have to look.