Brandy Day279: Selfish Selfie….


Standing on this back road. Alive. Happy. Full of feeling and life. The light of the sun highlighting naturally.
Never knowing when your happiness will be ripped from your heart, you be sure and ‘live’.
Dont be afraid of happiness, it has to start somewhere and its an amazing feeling. One you must experience in order to feel hurt, pain. Enjoy the simple things in life, one day that may be all you have.


Brandy Day112: Gypsy Soul


Tonight I learned. I learned to be a kid again. I learned just how much I matter in other peoples lives. Love & happiness are what we make it. Some of the most simple moments are the best moments. There is something perfect about stars, tracks & quiet air. Waffle House & Van Morrison are perfect together at 2am. I have a gypsy soul.  Honesty is what it is, don’t fight it. I have a story and I need to share it. Sharing moments can mean more than sharing words.
Getting what you want and need comes to you when you least expect it.