Brandy Day284: Indiana Short Film Festival


Eeek!!! The day finally came!! I’ve spoke of this before, last April we shot our short film, Chronicles of a Dead Man. George Kirtley wrote & funded the film, KC filmed it & me, well I kept the boys in line and was in KCs ear and third arm as well as still shots.
I had such an amazing time working with them. Tonight our film was shown in Danville, IN and it was awesome. George & KC attended the Trail Dance Film Fest in Oklahoma earlier this year, but this was my first.
Thank you for an amazing opportunity to be a part of something so awesome & fun, George & KC.

(This is not my photo, but taken by a gentleman taking photos of the whole event, Steve Smith)

Brandy Day280: Human Sinkhole


Today wasn’t easy. Maybe its the weather, I feel like I’m lost in Seattle. However the sun has set so I cannot complain. Rain through the day makes for long ones & hyper dogs.
Driving for sunset accepting I may not see much of one, this reflection caught me. Flooding the hole in the middle of the road, deceiving those that pass through, painting that which surrounds it, catching true colors.
Oddly enough I stopped, got out of my truck and stood there,  ‘reflecting’ on recent days, prior to taking this photo. The beauty captured reflected so much.

Chandler Day 100: This is Why

DSC02433Already to 100 photos. 100 days. It certainly doesn’t seem like that long. Recently I’ve been thinking about photography and why I chose to be a photographer. Hannah asked me why I loved it and I couldn’t give her just one reason. I think back to when I started and I started because Brandy and Liz were shooting a lot and I thought I should give it a try. And now that I’m studying it, and I shoot every day, and I want this to be my life, I think about why I do it. And I guess I have three reasons. The first is that I try to capture some of the insane beauty that surrounds us. Everywhere I look there is beauty. Some of it is so amazing that I have to put my camera down and just look. No photo I ever take will fully capture some things here in this world. But I try my best to capture some of it. And the next reason is to show to whoever will look, that so many things, very common things that are overlooked, are beautiful. Like I said, I look around and see beauty everywhere. I see it in the weirdest places and in the smallest, most ordinary things. And I want other people to see it too. So I shoot and I hope that someone will see what I see. And finally there are certain things I shoot, that I get to preserve. As a photographer, my medium is light and time. Photographers have the unique ability to stop time and preserve something indefinitely. So I find things that are lost, forgotten, abandoned and dying. And I like to think that I save them. I keep them alive, for a little while longer. When everyone else has abandoned them, I find them and capture them and remember them. I remember I found an abandoned house and got to shoot it. About a week later it was struck by lightning and it burnt to the ground. Nothing was left. But it lives on in my photos. So there it is. That is why I do what I do. That is why I love what I do.

Chandler Day 38: Light

DSC01316I love lights. I love the contrast between light and dark. I love capturing the never-ending battle between lights and shadows. I like how they both attempt to destroy each other but without each other they wouldn’t exist. Without dark we would not know light and without light we would not know dark. It’s a simple concept but one that we forget. And it’s even more important for a photographer. Light is my medium. That is what I capture. I love to think of it in this way. That I am able to capture light. I am able to make art out of light.