Chandler Day 341: Nicholas

DSC 8This is Nick, my brother. Nick has always been a great brother to me. He always seems to be there for me when I need him the most. Oftentimes I don’t think I need to talk to him, but he’ll call me up and what he has to say is just right. Nick is hilarious and has always made me laugh with his stories and jokes. He’s a goofball. He’s caring, smart, hard-working, strong, sensitive, funny, loyal, a great brother, a great friend and a great man. I love him and I’m glad that he is my brother.

Chandler Day 336: Michelle

DSC 2This is Michelle my step-mother and wife to my dad. She has been a great friend to me over the years, has been there for me when I needed someone neutral to talk to, helped me through problems, attempted to teach me how to play the piano (I gave up), introduced me to wonderful new grandparents, and has always made sure I have been well-fed. She is smart, talented, positive and very caring and I love her and I am glad she has been a part of my life.

Chandler Day 335: Tami

DSC 3This is Tami, my mother. She is mom to all five of us crazy kids. She is wonderful woman who has been through everything with all of us. She was not only my mom but also my teacher who taught me from 1st grade up until I graduated high school. She is incredibly strong and has been through more shit than a person should go through. She is determined, smart, caring and is always there for us even in the dead of night. She has been the best mom any kid could ask for and I love her so much.

Chandler Day 90: “Your Smile Is Breathtaking :)”


This is one of the many notes that Hannah has been leaving everywhere she goes. She decided to do this for Lent. She wanted to cheer people up, make them smile, compliment them, and help them have a better day by leaving kind notes like this all over the place. I was very impressed by this idea and it’s been fun watching her do it. Doing something like this for Lent fits her perfectly. She’s so caring and wants to help people and make people happier so much. And this a little ways she’s doing it. It makes me smile just being able to write about it. ¬†She’s left them for a janitor in one of the halls, on a very shy student’s door, for a waiter who served us, in stores, bathrooms, hallways, lobbies, and on a tip. We like to think it’s cheered some people up or made them smile. Taken in a lobby very late tonight.