Brandy Day268: Fly Over States


I want to give a huge shout to all the farmers!! Thank you!! The hours you put in, the physical labor you do. We don’t see all that is put into making sure there is successful crop & livestock growth for food and raw materials.
I’ve always enjoyed living in the country. The smell, the farms, the old barns, the cattle & horses. I love when the farmers harvest the fields this time of year! The smell of fresh soil, beans & corn.
The bulk of corn that is produced today is not for food production but more everyday items such as plastic, batteries, cosmetics, cough syrup & diapers to name a few. Most soybeans are processed for their oil as well as protein for the livestock feed industry, however they are also used for human consumption.
Next time you find yourself pissed off behind a tractor or semi, perhaps you should wave in thanks for all they do rather than speeding by in frustration.


Brandy Day147: Moooove Over


Haha there is nothing special about this photo other than it takes me back to that moment laughing hysterically.
Out looking to shoot sunset, nothing spectacular, just out enjoying the country side and fresh air. As I came down a road I’d shot off of many times I see these cattle. As I get close I realize the one by the pole is on the opposite side of the fence as it should be. I drive back down and tell the farmers that I had passed earlier out in the field. They follow me back down to the cattle, two get out running towards the fence- jumping-escapee yelling at it to jump back over the fence and such. It was the way they did so, in true country farm boy fashion. You better believe that cow jumped right back over the fence and continued grazing. I laughed so hard on my home.
Just a random set of events that I no where near expected that will bring me laughter several more times.
That’s why I shoot.  To capture moments like these.

Brandy Day64: Here Kitty


KC and I road tripped it down to Exotic Feline Rescue here in southern IN. What an amazing trip. These amazing animals in captivity was kind of hard to see but after learning some of their stories I was somehow OK with it. For example two of the tigers were ‘pets’ to a man who was using them to lure children into his home. He was arrested and charged with ‘children crimes’ and now the beautiful cats get to be outdoors in safe environments and well cared for. I’d recommend taking the trip.
Shot during feeding time with such golden eyes.