Brandy Day255: One More Time


“Well, I know that I’ve messed up more than a time or two. I’ve lied like hell, I’ve done it well and I’ve got the scars to prove.”
Today was pretty intense mentally & emotionally for me. I was able to have a long overdue conversation with a dear friend. A conversation that made sense in so many ways and filled in some gaps.
I’ve struggled with faith for some time now. I was born Lutheran and then confirmed Catholic. My parents raised me to attend church every Sunday and even attend Bible school. I never got much out of it. Was it because I was forced to attend? I wasn’t ready to attend? I didn’t understand the capacity of it? Now as an adult I’ve watched religion tear my family apart and be responsible for an unaccounted number of deaths throughout the world. Such a fine subject to dance around. Speaking with another friend, TJ, about this brought tears to my eyes. I’m not going to state my beliefs, or which is right or wrong. I doubt this is what Jesus had in mind though. I’m thankful for moments like these, as hard as they are.

Brandy Day134: Y.O.L.O.


Driving down State Road 19 when I had to stop and turn around to grab this photo. No truer words have been shared.
Live everyday fully. Tomorrow is not yours. Cherish every moment as though it will never present itself again. I’m not saying ‘you only live once, do dumb things’, I am however saying live wisely.  Live peacefully.

Brandy Day117: Going To The Chapel


What a find! This quaint chapel in Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton. I fell in love.  So simple. So beautiful.
The pews were constructed of wood salvaged from a building after September 11. The glass window over looks the ocean of the banks its built upon.
A perfect replication of a southern Baptist Church. Standing there in the church I could imagine, almost feel as if I were standing there in the 1800s. The heat. Women fanning themselves. Small chatter as the sermon goes on.

Brandy Day68: Quiet on the Set!!!


Road tripped it with my two brothers and their girlfriends to Gary IN, once dubbed the murder capitol of the world. Such a beautiful place with so much history. To have walked through and shot such amazing architecture, I could only imagine what it looked like in its lively state. Its a shame that we have allowed such beauty to decay and spoil.
This was shot in the Gary Methodist Church. Built in 1910, standing 9 stories once holding a congregation of 3,000 people every Sunday. In 2011 over 50 movies were filmed at this church. Transformer’s 3 & Nightmare on Elm Street were also filmed here.
Such a true message, Go Where You Love. Be happy. That’s the biggest struggle we face.

Chandler Day 16: Cathedrals

DSC00733There are some days when I have no idea what I want my photo to be for the day. So I just drive around and wait for it to come to me. As I walked around downtown Indy, I looked over at the Scottish Rite Cathedral and got this shot. I don’t really know much about this building or the Scottish Rite, but it got me thinking about churches. There are so many different churches, cathedrals, mosques or temples or whatever you like to call them. But they’re all the same. They are all a place where people come together and pray or worship or think or look. These places are something concrete to represent something abstract. They are there to show that people believe in something. While I personally do not believe in a god or go to a church, I think it’s good to believe in something. To have something to hold onto, to have something to go to. And these churches, temples, mosques and cathedrals are just one of those things that people can put their beliefs in.