Brandy Day276: Liver, Lima Beans & Bologna


So I had bought these blinds some time ago for the back door. I assumed Nick would hang them within the next couple of days. Not the case.  So, I grabbed a beer, drill & was not giving up until they were hung.
Nick was able to mow the front & back yard & I was able to drink two beers in the time I hung them. Point is, they are hung and I did it on my own.

Chandler Day 265: I Need to Breathe

DSC05220Every now and then I get in weird moods where I want to be alone, with time to think and breathe and walk. Sometimes I’m sad in these moods other times I just want to think. So I drive, look at books, go to parks, and walk through the woods. Breathing in cleaner air. Stepping away from people and into what we came ¬†from. Thinking and breathing in and out, in and out.

Brandy Day244: Calm


Somethin’ bout an Indiana summer night after a storm. Absolutely beautiful!! Everything on the ground is so green and everything above is so blue. Fresh & vibrant. Naturally washed of the days dirt.¬†
This photo was taken in the eastern sky as the sun set opposite of it.