Brandy Day269: ‘Hey! Just Wanted To Call And Tell You We Are Breaking The Law….’


Love this. Kinda looks like a still photo from the end of a movie. I love these people. Just had an eventful day and 6 hours of shooting photos. Normally bad ideas come from KC or I within this group, this one came from Chan 😉 Not a bad idea but risky. However, it opened up some awesome photo opportunities and being able to shoot with & help Chandler & Hannah was pretty great!
Shot as we were leaving and the sun was setting.


Brandy Day66: Open


So often in life we get burned. Hurt. Let down. Used. Lied to. Its hard to open up again. To trust. Love. Forgive. Believe. We don’t want to let anyone in in fear of the same happening again. No one likes that shitty feeling. The feeling of blaming yourself for the repeated offer of hurt upon your heart.
Just remember you will never know love. Happiness. Joy. Hope. Laughter. Fun. Cloud 9. Until you take that chance. Know with an open heart, hurt and sadness will happen again you just have to learn from it rather than hurt from it. 
Everyday I am reminded to believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’, the belief that ‘like attracts like’.
Shot in black and white because that’s what currently holds my heart. Shot of an abandoned door because at one time, it opened up to happiness, love, laughter and hope.