Chandler Day 117: Those Wonderful Little Butterflies

DSC02668I really hope I’m not the only one that gets this feeling or thought. Have you ever just looked at your significant other? Like really looked. I do that with Hannah. It comes at the most random times. I just look at her and all I can think is “Wow.” I get those butterflies in my stomach. Like the ones when you’re nervous or like you’d get around a crush or on a first date. I know it’s only been five months. But I look at her and I think of how incredibly lucky I am to be sitting across from her, looking at her. I look at her and see an amazing person. A person with a beautiful and inspiring personality. I look at her and see how incredibly gorgeous she is. I look at her how you would look at someone beautiful that you had never seen before. I look at her and my heartbeat picks up and I smile and I have to catch my breath. I think of how lucky I am to be loved by her. I think of the very first time I saw her and how I thought I’d never stand a chance with her, and here I am, sitting across from her, taking this shot and writing these words and I couldn’t be happier. And I realize how madly in love with her I am and I just smile even more. And all these thoughts rush up from just looking at her and all I can say is “Wow!”

Chandler Day 98: Recharge


Between classes, I have a chance to run to library, grab coffee, some junk food and relax for a bit. This is my only time to relax during the day. So I have to make the best of it. I take my coffee and combos, go to my favorite couch, get on Tumblr and forget about life for an hour. It’s nice. It helps me get through the day. I think we all have certain things like this. Little things or breaks we take to recharge. This is mine.

Chandler Day 96: Studying

DSC02408Tonight we were supposed to study. We decided to leave campus to study somewhere else. We wanted to make it as fun as possible. So we tried our favorite Starbucks, but it was full of people. Then we tried another Starbucks, but we didn’t like where it was at. So then we went to the Starbucks in Broad Ripple. Surely this one would be open and a fun place to study. But when we got there it was closed. It was only seven. So we walked around Broad Ripple a bit and then decided to find somewhere else to go. We tried a McDonalds, but didn’t like it either. Eventually we ended up at a Starbucks on the Circle, about an hour and a half later. But we still got some studying done, we had some fun, and I ended up getting this shot before we headed back to campus. So it was a good little adventure in the end.


Chandler Day 70: Good Food & Great Talks

DSC02104Blueberry pancakes, black coffee, and bacon. A great breakfast. This week I have been on spring break and home with my mom. She always cooks a great breakfast and this morning this was what she made. I always love having breakfast with her. For one it’s always great food, but we always get to talk and catch up with each other. And we usually get into a long discussion or debate and breakfast turns into a two hour event. I love it and we’ve had a lot of great talks over breakfast and hopefully we’ll have many more.