Chandler Day 312: A Lazy Weekend Filled With Cats & Cookies

IMG_7935Because Hannah had to take it easy this weekend and her medicine made her tired we just relaxed at home. It was a lazy weekend but we got to see our cats, MJ is the one in the photo, and she baked some pretty great cookies. It’s never been hard for me to relax and be lazy but for some it can be. It was a good thing that she was forced to just relax and take things slow. Everyone needs that. Time to rest and take a break from things.

Chandler Day 228: Boxes & Cookies

DSC04211Another long day of getting ready, this time packing up my things and getting stuff together. We finished up some projects and Hannah also made amazing cookies for our roommates, because she’s just super nice like that. Despite everything we had to do it was still a good day. A good last day of Summer for us.