Brandy Day240: Forgotten Love


There is a home that has stood vacant for years. It’s slightly overgrown with weeds, the wood is weathered & some of the windows are broken out. A few months ago I drove by and noticed two blacks labs in the pinned in back area, though the house still sat ‘for sale’. Concerned for them, I went back this evening checking to see if they were still there. They were. I immediately contacted the number listed and spoke with the homeowner. He explained he couldn’t have then where he currently lived & that he feeds them twice a day and they were available for adoption.
My heart broke for them. I look at my two and how happy they are and how happy they make me. That is their job, to love & nurture. To keep me happy & laughing. These two dogs who have been ‘forgotten’ about, who sit outside alone every evening. Hoping their owner comes back to feed them again.
I contacted a friend about helping me remove them and take them to a shelter. Hopefully we can make this happen. Soon. They would be adopted immediately and hopefully into a loving home, where they can do why they do best. Love.