Brandy Day245: Reality Image


The truest visual of the country side. I love it!! Mary, Cooper & I were out for a drive to Muncie, on our way back we took only country roads. Found this little gem. The country image.


Brandy Day201: Crossroads


Crossroads. I have no shame in admitting it used to be my favorite BoneThugs song.
Headed out to the Lynch’s House (Jordans house) earlier today. Had a great conversation with Josh (Jordan’s older brother), very unexpected to see him but enjoyable.
After a hard yet enjoyable visit, Jordan was heavy on my heart and mind. This evening during my evening sunset drive, I did what he and I often did together. I played the ‘crossroad’ game. Left, forward or right every time I came to a stop. At this particular crossroad it was a left

Brandy Day106: It’s a Good Knot


Unusually drawn to this photo. It’s one of those that I knew I was taking, but didn’t know the capacity of it at the time.
Not sure why THIS one photo sticks out to me out of the 100+ photos I took on this beautiful Wednesday. Many would argue there are others far better than this.
This was shot just as sunrise was peaking well over the horizon. The air was chilled. People rushing off to wherever.
I was up at 6am. Another restless night of sleep or lack thereof. I was OK with the tradeoff.
I think its the knot I’m drawn to. Right in the center. Holding it all together.
Photo was shot in RAW with no edit.